Jose Gomez began his career as a painter in the late 90s. Working his way up the ranks he quickly learned that every successful painting company shared similar traits. Jose focused on improving his craft while also working on building relationships with his clients. With a solid mix of charm and professionalism, Jose quickly became a favorite on all the job sites and was quickly becoming a hot commodity with local contractors.

Seeing an opportunity to embark on his own, Jose decided to round up some of the top guys in his industry and launch JVS Premier Painting in 2009. The name is an homage to his kids and is a fitting representation of his deep seeded family roots. Even in a difficult economic climate, Jose and his new company had no problems finding new projects. Word quickly spread within his industry that he was bringing a fresh approach to the world of painting and his clients and the contractors that were hiring him had nothing but great things to say about him and his team.

Fast forward to 2011 and JVS Premier Painting is continuing its path to success. Whether it’s touching up and old residence, managing all of the painting work for new construction, or even being tasked with painting an outdoor mall, the JVS Premier Painting team has risen to the challenge and shows no signs of slowing down.