Coronado Residence

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The city of Coronado is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in all of San Diego. This home in the Coronado Cays is no exception. Situated on the most premium lot in the entire Cays communtiy, this beautiful home features stunning panoramic views of the bay, a master bathroom straight out of a dream, a rooftop patio built for soirees and even an elevator to help you navigate the various levels of the home.

View from the Living Room

The remodel for this home was a massive undertaking and the painting requirements were no exception. After seeing samples of the work we had done for other premium homes in San Diego, the residents of this bay-front property had no problems hiring JVS Premier Painting to handle the bulk of the painting work for the home.

Rooftop overlooking the bay

The work kicked off on the inside of the home. It was obvious that the views from inside of the home were without a doubt the biggest selling point so we wanted to bring in soft, pleasant colors that would not compete with that. JVS Premier Painting consulted with the interior decorator and general contractor and decided to bring in a calming eggshell white that is featured on all of the walls as well as the trim. To make it “pop” just slightly and to help emphasize the high ceilings and beautiful door frames, a flat white color was used on the ceilings.

Beautiful master bathroom

With the interior painting work on the walls and ceilings covered, the JVS Premier Painting team moved on to doing some work on the various wood areas throughout the house. Continuing the trend of soft colors, our team painted a very nice natural finish on all of the doors and closets in the house. This same treatment was carried to the interiors of the elevator as well. JVS Premier Painting was then able to switch gears and provide some of their staining expertise for the residents. Both inside and outside, there were various places that needed a pop of color and the selection of a beautiful orange stain would the trick. As seen in various photos, the orange stain was used on the entry door, the garage door, the frames on all of the sliding doors and windows as well as on the side exterior door.

Modern Kitchen

Once the painting and staining on the interior and exterior of the home were completed, the JVS Premier Painting team was able to focus on some more detailed areas. Our years of expertise with color matching were a valuable asset as we painted the metals and flashings on the exterior of the home to match the walls. No detail was overlooked in this remodel, and the final piece of the project was the work we did on the garage interior. The epoxy flooring with paint chips was just one more example of the craftsmanship visible throughout this gorgeous Coronado home, truly one of San Diego’s prime properties.

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