Del Mar Residence

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This unique residence in Del Mar was undergoing a major remodel. The homeowners wanted to create a modern look by featuring exposed wood throughout the exteriors of the house. The interior of the house continued the theme while also highlighting gorgeous views and natural light.

Del Mar Front Door Detail

The integration of wood as a key material in the home construction and as a decorative element to the home exterior would require a professional painter with significant experience treating and staining wood. JVS Premier Painting was up to the task and as evidenced in multiple photos they were able to provide the client with a rich color wood without losing the natural knots and marking in the wood that make it so unique. The stain work JVS Premier Painting did on the front door helps tie the exterior of the house into the interior of the house.

Kitchen and Living Space

As the residents and their guest enter the home, the gorgeous wood tones continue into the interior of the various rooms in the house. All of the interior doors maintain the tones set on the front door and JVS Premier Painting was responsible for handling all of them.

Dining Area

The prevalence of wood through the home is a signature part of the home design, but the residents also needed to infuse subtle color through the interior walls and ceilings. The team at JVS Premier Painting was again tasked with the challenge of handling interior painting for all the walls as well as the ceilings. Using a variety of subtle earth tones, the walls and ceilings not only accent the house nicely but actually helped to bring out the rich wood colors even more.

Master Bathroom

The painting services that JVS Premier Painting provided for this residence were an instrumental part of the home remodel. When the project was completed, the residents were left with a truly stunning Del Mar home.

Del Mar Backyard

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